Currently bedridden at home for 6 weeks- post laparotomy.

Whilst on a quest for wellness, a health mandated career break happened. Now teaching furniture painting workshops in the cutest shop in England.

I'm not a re blogger of impersonal trinkets, this blog contains mostly my photography, my face and occasionally my body. Maybe.

  • fortunecookiealwayswrong:


    They really could.

    I could have a baby to tend to, post cesarean. Woohoo to not having that!

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  • Photo 1: My unsuspecting victim awaits.

    Photo 2: appropriate selection of hat for the current mood, time and place, is made.

    Photo 3: what I like to think of as ‘the squint of approval’… Or pure hatred.

    Well, now it’s nap time for me and this beast of the high seas.

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    CAT. NEST.

    No words need to be spoken. For a great thing has happened.

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  • Truthful Tuesday Entry

    I am thoroughly and completely put off ever having to have a child attempt to leave my poor body, after this recent ‘chopping me open’ experience.

    The thought of going through anything this painful again just puts me in a state of inner panic.

    The vulnerability alone is terrifying. And the lack of knowledge on the behalf of the hospital is simply astounding. They do NOT know how to heal people. Just stuff you full of pills to counter act the side effect of a previous pill they tricked you into taking.

    Off you skip into your land of false sense of security, in the hands of such supposed knowledgable trained professionals, that don’t possibly have any other motive behind their actions.

    No foot of mine shall ever step into a hospital again.

    After my downward spiral of apparent healing four days post op, the intense feeling to run (if only I could have) rushed over me. I knew full well I was just getting sicker being in there.

    Well and truly traumatised.

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  • Stitches… BE FREE! To the bin with you.

    And that is a tiny part of my scar. The least gross part.

  • My Frankenstein stitches are finally out!

    And of course I started to react to them. I become allergic to EVERYTHING!

    My body hates the world touching it.

    The nurse came to my house and had to snip the seven thick blue plastic sutures from my tummy. The grossest of feelings. Ouch ouch.

    So yea, today’s conclusion: Becky is such a frikkin tough nut. I RULE.

  • I’m almost awake in the land of the kind of living.

    Think the morphine and anaesthetic is slowly sodding off. BE GONE! You vile mind dampening body wreckers.

    My Frankenstein stomach is having it’s stitches out today via district nurse visiting me in my home, up the many stairs of which render me trapped here.

    I’m cool with it. I like my home. I’ve got a duvet, a mountain of pillows to prop me up, and a Felix to lift me everywhere. Everything is ok!

    I’m managing my pain without the use of analgesics, of which all I am not allergic to is paracetamol, which of course was a BIG GIANT HUGE problem post surgery at the hospital when my stomach felt like it was being torn apart.

    I’m a tough cookie. Grr.

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  • Hospital gluten free glop.

    But atleast they gave me a real banana.

    4th day and still hospitalised. Managed to have a shower today (well, my mum had to shower me). And had a stroll/shuffle down the corridor. Woop!

    Having your stomach muscles cut is one MIGHTY kick in the balls. Women having cesareans are hands down the toughest of humans.

    Agony is not the word.

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  • Me Awaiting surgery early this morning. First patient of the day!

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  • Operation done. But annoyingly they had to cut me open properly, aswell as a laparoscopy :( no more tummy muscles for me then!

    Dosed up on morphine and off to sleep I go AGAIN.

  • 45 mins to go :/

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